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Nano Ring

Nano ring hair extension application is a common method often used by clients with fine hair types. The nano ring method involves placing singular strands of human remy hair and securing in placer with a very small nano ring. The size of the anno ring is approximately 90% smaller the conventional micro ring which means they are less noticeable. I often use this method for clients with particularly fine hair who like to have maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks to refresh the application and push the bond back up the hair root, supporting the hair growth.

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Micro Rings (ITIPS)

Micro Ring or ITIPS is a similar method to nano rings the main difference is the size of the ring used in the hair extension application. Micro rings application is more commonly used on average hair types and when fitted will not cause any damage to the natural hair and will allow the natural hair to continue growing. The micro ring method is considered to be one of the safest of all hair extensions applications available. Ideal if you would you don’t like the thought of heat applied to your hair The majority of my clients choose this method and will come back every 6-8 weeks to have the extensions maintained and get that new hair feeling again.

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Fusion Bonds (UTIPS)

The fusion bond application or UTIPS is one of most popular methods used and also a very discreet application. This method involves securing the Remy human hair extension to your own natural hair using a keratin bond. The bond is then fused to the hair. It is a very safe and totally harmless. Many of my clients choose this method because of the pure undetectable appearance and it oftened recommended for clients with fine, thin hair. This method does not require the time and additional cost of maintenance appointments and is permanent for up to 6 months. At which time the hair extension bond can be ‘retipped’ and the hair refitted for you to enjoy for another 4-6 months.

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