After Care Advise

Take care of your hair


It is essential to maintain healthy hair extensions by taking good care of them using some of the finest ingredients. After your hair extensions have been fitted leave them for at least 48hrs before washing so they can adapt to your natural hair.


Wash and condition your hair extensions with a Sulphate Free Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner. You can purchase a more cost effective range from your local drugstore, some i’ve found to be amazing are the L’Oréal Hair Expertise and the Botanics intensely hydrating range. If you want to spend a bit more money on your products then I recommend the moroccanoil hydrating shampoo and conditioner or kerastase discipline bain range. When conditioning avoid the root area and focus on mid-length to the ends allowing the conditioner to sit and sink into your hair. Always apply an intense deep nourishing hair mask. There’s loads of great ones out there, L’Oréal expertise do a more affordable one and Moroccanoil do a great hydrating hair mask. You want to choose a nourishing one so it restores the shine and softness back into your hair extensions.

Once washed

Lock in moisture to the hair extensions by using a hair serum to the mid-lengths and ends. Most brands are affordable and do the job I would ecommend adding a few pumps into your hand rub your hands together to warm up the serum and apply to your hair combing it through.


‘Heat Protector’ is vital before applying any heat appliance to your hair. It’s going to protect your long locks from any damage or split ends even by spraying a little and brushing it through will go a long way.


The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling them can lead to pulling your natural hair out. Always brush your hair starting from the ends moving towards the top. Make sure you are using the correct hair extension brush, a wide paddle brush or tangle teezers are great for hair extensions as they will avoid any breakage or damage.


NEVER go to sleep with your hair wet, always make sure they are 100% dry to avoid any tangling. You can spray some nourishing leave in conditioner or apply Argan oil to your hair allowing your hair extensions to have an overnight treatment. Braiding the hair at night is highly recommended to avoid any tangling and rubbing at the cuticles.



Swimming- avoid getting your hair wet in saltwater and chlorine as both can dry your hair extensions out causing matting and discolouration UV Rays- it’s recommended to wear a hat when exposed to strong sunlight to avoid any uv
rays discolouring your hair.

Heating tools – try not to overuse hating tools on your hair extensions, rather than everyday try to use them every other day to avoid them drying out casing them to break and snap.


Your hair extensions will last depending on how well they are maintained with the correct aftercare. I do not recommend using any toner, colour on the hair extensions this is clearly at your own risk. Take care of your hair extensions like it’s your own natural hair, try to wash them 2-3 times a week and avoid excessive heat to allow a longer lifespan.