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Best Hair Extension Styles

Best Hair Extension Styles

7 of the best hair extension styles

Long hair extensions birminghamHow to add length 

Have you ever gone to the hairdressers and thought about having your long locks chopped and instantly regretted it? Well I know I have and I immediately wanted my long hair back.

With Hair Extensions you can achieve this and get your long hair back or even create a new style from your shorter hair. Maybe you find it really hard to grow your hair and just want to see if longer hair suits you.

There are many ways to achieve this from clip in extensions to semi permanent bonds such as Itips or utips (micro rings/individual bonds).


Hair Extensions Birmingham

Here is a client of mine who had a very short thin haircut and wanted to add some length so I added 100 itip bonds to her hair to create the length she desired.

How to add volume

Have you got thin lifeless hair and dreamt of having thicker hair with that bounce and volume to it? Well hair extensions is a great way to create this look even with a simple clip in or half a head of Bonds this look can be achieved and will certainly make you feel like a celebrity.

Best Hair Extension Styles

Here is a client of mine who had long hair already but wanted to add some volume to it so I added half a head of itip bonds to create the look and style she wanted, how fabulous and bouncy does it look. By adding a few waves to the extensions gives it an even more fuller volume look which will certainly turn heads.

How to create waves and curls

There’s so many styles hair extensions can create but a most popular natural look is waves and curls. By using a waving wand or hair straighter such as GHD’s they will create a more natural look and will last all day just remember to brush through your curls so they blend easier, I find a big paddle brush works wonders.

Best Hair Extension Styles

Here are two different types of styles on my clients, to the left the style created is smaller tighter curls creating bounce and body and to the right is a more loose natural wave throughout the hair for lighter volume. Both achieved by using a waving wand.

How to add highlights and colour

A lot of us are afraid to go the hairdressers to add a little colour as we’re afraid it won’t look right. Hair extensions are a perfect way to create this. You can choose hair extensions a few shades lighter for some highlight tones or a few tones darker to create an ombré look. Don’t be afraid to experiment because at least with extensions it’s not permanent it’s just a fun way to explore different shades to create a new look.

Hair extensions birmingham

Here my client wanted to see how she looked with some blonde highlights so I added 70 itip bonds to her hair and put some loose waves through to create this natural new blonde highlighted look.

How to accessorise and style hair extensions

If hair extensions are applied by a trained professional then they will be easy to hide if you wanted to have your hair up in a ponytail, messy bun or braid. Hair extensions can give you so many new hairstyles and are also great to accessorise for occasions such as weddings or festivals.

Festival hair extensions

Here my client is festival ready and her hair extensions have been styled into a French plait which looks beautiful and all bonds are hidden so it looks totally natural. With fuller longer hair so many styles can be achieved and it’s a really fun way to experiment and see what suits you best. Even for a wedding you can add just a few clip ins or as little as 50 bonds to create more body to your natural hair so you feel more confident and happy in yourself.

So there you have a short guide on how hair extensions can be styled to create many different styles and looks. Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular to date so why not try them out I know all my clients never look back even myself.  Please get in touch or see prices and get in contact with any questions and bookings.


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