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Remy Hair Extensions Guide

Remy Hair Extensions Guide

Gone are the days when you only see hair extensions on celebrities or music videos. Now there is access to longer, thicker hair and it’s easier than you think.

You may ask. Where would I start? This is your ultimate guide from clip ins to pre bonded hair extensions, this guide will give you a clearer outlook on hair extensions today.

Hair extensions has come a long way from when you used to be able to spot if a woman was wearing ‘fake’ hair. High-quality hair extensions blend beautifully with your hair and have become a solution for every hair issue imaginable.

Hair methods such as clip ins to micro rings and keratin bonds can do wonders to add thickness and length and a full application will certainly give you that fuller look. Whereas if all you need is some extra thickness half a head application would be perfect for you.

Why do I need Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions change your life and I mean it you can be a new more confident woman tomorrow. If you’ have thin hair, short or long but it feels lifeless it can be a major insecurity to a woman.  Therefore getting some hair extensions will change your image for the better.

There are many benefits to wearing hair extensions. Hair extensions aren’t only for those who want to have extra hair 24/7. Clip in extensions are a quick way to make you feel glamorous for a wedding or special occasion however did you get a haircut and absolutely regret it? Then just Add in a few layers of extensions to fix the issue while your hair grows back to normal.

As long as you are purchasing high-quality remy hair extensions from a certified stylist and following the proper care and maintenance, you will not damage your hair in the process. If you need some help in choosing your stylist please see our guide.

How do you know what hair extension method is right?

It’s always a bit daunting when deciding what method is best suited for you and your hair type. This is why when you choose your stylist you must attend a Consultation so it can be discussed with you. You want long lasting hair extensions and the most popular extensions today are the strand by strand method. This means the hair is applied in individual strands and applied by either micro rings (ITIPS) or a heat applicator (UTIPS), this is the most durable hair methods and also the most natural looking that will blend amazingly to your natural hair.

Choose quality hair extensions and look out for the word ‘Remy’

Unless you want tangled, dull hair extensions, then pay close attention to the quality of hair you’re purchasing.  If you’re even slightly familiar with hair extensions, then you’ve come across the term “Remy.”  Remy means that when the hair is collected, the strands of the hair remain in the same direction with the cuticle intact. This keeps the hair shiny and tangle free.

Remy hair has become a term that hair extension companies have attached to their product to offer a cheap product for an expensive price.  However, most of these companies do not have Remy hair or even 100% human hair.  Purchase remy hair extensions from a reputable source to make sure you are actually buying a high-quality product. At HG Hair we are proud to supply Hair Rehab London

Remy hair extensions cost

When it comes to hair extensions, the cost comes down to the method and the brand. Hair extensions do not cost thousands of pounds. The truth is you can find affordable hair extensions that look and feel natural. First find a good hair extensionist and discuss the method that works best for you and go from there. You’ll have the hair of your dreams in no time.

If you would like to book in for a free consultation to discuss your needs and what remy hair extensions we offer please do not hesitate to contact me or book in here

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