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Do Hair Extensions Ruin Hair

Do Hair Extensions Ruin Hair

One of the most frequently asked question about Hair Extensions is do hair extensions ruin hair.

 ‘Do Hair Extensions ruin your natural hair?’

For most women hair is an extremely important part of their self image. Many are spending all the money they can to hide away any hair that is thinning and hair extensions have certainly become a popular way to do so.Unlike years ago hair extensions has certainly gone mainstream and they aren’t just for the world of celebrities.

When choosing your hair application method there’s many factors to consider such as  your lifestyle, hair type and budget.

Most people when thinking of having hair extensions will turn to google and most likely see some damaging pictures or even read some horror stories of ‘hair ruining my hair’ and damaging your natural hair.

Is this true? Well we can all do our research and find that the chemicals in water damage our hair but we still take showers and the chemicals in hair dye and products cause damage but we still go to the salon and buy hair products. It’s really all down to doing your research and finding the right experienced hair extension stylist who will guide you into a healthy hair maintenance routine.

It really is all about the fitting so make sure you are happy with what your stylist has discussed with you and expressed attention to detail and then it is down to self-maintenance so you must go away and look after your hair extensions properly as you were told to by your stylist.

The main reason hair extensions will damage your natural hair is if they don’t take well to your scalp i.e. too heavy or you have a reaction or the most common reason being if YOU AREN’T MAINTAINING them well.

Here’s some hair tips I highly recommend:
  1. Do your research on different types of extensions, and be aware of the possible allergies and health risks
  2. Find an experienced stylist, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and please listen to your stylist on maintenance routine
  3. Brush your hair with an extension-friendly brush at least twice every day. Try to brush it before and after showering
  4. If you have strand by strand extensions like ITIPS AND UTIPS occasionally run fingers near fusion points of extensions to make sure they are not tangling. This becomes more important the more grown out
  5. Be gentle when washing and removing hair ties
  6. Wet the ends of your hair with conditioner before getting in the shower. Avoid applying conditioner on the roots, or near the extension fusion points
  7. Try to minimize hair washing to only two times a week
  8. Keep hair braided, or in a ponytail, when sleeping at NIGHT
  9. For removal of permanent extensions, head to a hairstylist for professional removal. NEVER try to remove on your own
  10. If using strand by strand extensions, the recommend removal and reapplication which requires new hair bundles every 3-5 months, depending upon the type of application performed
  11. If it’s your first ever time having hair extensions you don’t have to go all Beyoncé and have the maximum amount put in. You can discuss with your stylist and start with 70-100 bonds which is classed as half a head. This will provide some extra thickness and length. Then if you like them you can keep adding the thickness with more bonds.

If your hair is naturally thin or short in length hair extensions are perfect, and if you’re thinking of giving your natural hair a break and allowing it to grow.

Extensions need lots of TLC. Just like your regular hair, extensions can get split ends and eventually look damaged after being styled over and over again. To protect your investment (and your real hair too!), go easy on the heat styling, always use a thermal protecting spray before hot tools, like John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray, and deep-condition your hair at least once a week.

Your natural hair underneath the hair extensions will be getting a break from any harsh day to day chemicals and will be kept healthy enabling it to grow. Just remember to keep moisture in your natural hair as well as the extensions by using oils and deep cleansing conditioners

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