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Things to remember when choosing your hair extensionist

Things to remember when choosing your hair extensionist

When you see celebrities on the red carpet you see long, bouncy luxurious hair and can get #hairinspiration . Not all celebrities have the super genes and turn to hair extensions whenever they feel like changing their look. You too can transform your mane with a little help from the right stylist.

Do your research

Choosing the right stylist to help you choose the correct colour and length that blends with your natural hair is essential. Don’t always turn to salons widen your search to mobile stylists as they are always trained in the same methods and tend to have a better price range to suit your budget.

Attend a consultation

A consultation is very important before any hair extensions are applied. Ask your stylist what methods of hair extensions they are trained in and discuss your lifestyle to distinguish what type of extensions are best suited for your desired look. This appointment will also build up a great rapport with your stylist and enable trust between you both.

Pick a method

Whether you’re looking for temporary length fix or a long term commitment the stylist can determine the best method for your hair by looking at your own hair texture and deciding on the best colour by matching from the ends of your hair, this way when the extensions are applied they will blend from the root downward blending evenly.

Consider your hair extensions purchase as an investment

When researching different hair extensionists don’t choose a ‘bargain’ offer always choose quality. Top quality hair extensions are 100% human remy hair meaning the cuticle of the hair is all in the same direction. These types of hair extensions can hold their shape and be styled in anyway using flatirons and curling tools. You should be able to run your fingers through your hair extensions seeing no or little shedding. If you don’t choose high quality extensions they become brittle and you will see a lot of shredding and you will lose the shine after the first couple of washes.

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