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Hair Maintenance is important when it comes to Hair Extensions

Hair Maintenance is important when it comes to Hair Extensions

During your consultation and fitting it should be made clear to you about the importance of keeping upto date with your hair maintenance appointments. Making sure you do this will keep you hair healthy and your hair extensions looking brand new.

Looking after your hair extensions

Micro rings,nano rings and fusion bonds require you to wash your hair only using a sulfate-free and paraben-free hampoo concentrating on the roots. Conditioner should be applied from the mid-lengths to the ends and an intensive conditioning mask is advised to restore dry and damaged hair. Hair extensions should be dried completely by applying a heat protective spray then using cool air to the bond area and low heat on mid-length to the ends. Never go to bed with wet hair extensions this is a no-no as this can cause them to tangle, aim to plait the hair dry to prevent this from happening. Always pay attention to how your hair feels it should never feel uncomfortable, brush it
regular and know when it’s time to book in for your maintenance. Everyone’s scalp will adapt to hair extensions differently but usually 4-8 weeks is when a routine maintenance appointment is required.

A maintenance appointment

Your stylist would have discussed with you what's involved in a hair maintenance appointment and the costs for this service. Every stylist will have a different opinion on what’s best for your hair extensions and will recommend the time frame on when you need to book in. The only method that don’t require a maintenance is fusion bonds as once fitted they last for upto 7 months and will then be taken out and new hair is brought.

Hair extensions uplift method

This method is for micro and nano rings only and requires each mini lock to be unclipped and moved back up the hair so it’s repositioned nearer to the root of your natural hair. Any hair that has come out can be put to one side and refitted during the appointment. An uplift appointment would take place between 4-8weeks and new rings would be used but it’s not always the case depending on how long they have been left in. A maintenance appointment can also allow the stylist to give the hair a trim making it look healthy and fuller throughout the time you wear them.

Failure to keep to your maintenance appointments

If you choose not to listen to your stylist’s advice on maintenance appointments this could result in your hair extensions not lasting a long time and you paying a lot more to get them rectified. If you go longer than 8 weeks then this could lead to your hair becoming tangled and very matted and therefore taking upto 6 hours to get them emoved. Hair extensions need to be looked after as if it was your own hair and keeping upto date with your appointments keeps it healthy and long lasting.

Follow the aftercare advice it’s essential

Don’t just rely on your stylist to tell you when to book in always know your own hair and follow all aftercare advice. This involves using the correct hair brushes, styling products, wearing your hair securely when sleeping and following any tips given from your fitting appointment.

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