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Five Reasons to have Hair Extensions

Five Reasons to have Hair Extensions

Are you considering having hair extensions? But not sure what type or brand or if it’s even worth taking the plunge? I am here to help you make that decision. In this blog post I will highlight some main reasons on why to have hair extensions and how they will help benefit you. Hair extensions are great for length and volume but they are also
amazing for achieving those #hairgoals you’ve dreamt of.

1. Length and growth –

– Most of us always question why our own hair won’t grow past a certain length no matter how many products used so this is why hair extensions is a perfect solution. A new look can easily be achieved with the right method of hair extensions and the right hair extensionist. Hair extensions can serve a very useful purpose for hair growth. Reason for this is your able to give your own hair a rest from excessive heat, brushing and combing which prevents breakage at the ends of your hair allowing you to retain the length.

2. Volume –

– If you have really fine hair that lacks life or suffer from thinning I understand it can knock your confidence. Hair extensions are a great way to create that volume you’ve never had or once had. It will give you the confidence back to walk outside with your head held high. The hair extensions I use are always double drawn meaning the hair
undergoes a process during manufacturing. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine, this makes the fullness remain the same from top to bottom of each strand.

3. Style-

– Hair extensions can really change your look with a number of styles. You have more hair to create a simple ponytail or plait whilst looking completely natural and more exciting. Some people like to experiment with colour but always afraid, with hair extensions as they come in so many different shades it gives you the option to alternate between colours and trial out what best suits you. Trying out different trends is easy with hair extensions as if you didn’t like the results you can always take them out and start again.

4. Occasions-

– Do you have a wedding, christening, festival or party to attend this year and want to spice up your hairstyle? Hair Extensions are the perfect way to finish your look for an occasion. From big bouncy curls to poker straight long hair it will certainly grab the attention of those people with #hairenvy

5. Haircut disaster-

– We’ve all been there gone to a salon asked for a change and ended up having a bob haircut and walked out in tears in regret. What can you do with a bob, and how can you get your hair back long? Hair extensions are the perfect solution to get your longer locks back whilst waiting for your natural hair to regrow.

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